Sun Francisco

“Sunset City” or better known as the Sunset, is well-known for its oceanic vibe and laid back slow-down feel.  Located central southern part of San Francisco, this district is configured into three major areas; inner, outer, and central Sunset. Bordered by the California Great Highway 1, the Sunset is one of the more low-key areas of San Francisco. Mostly made up of middle-class families and young adults, this district is known for a remotely safe community and well-rounded weather. Located close to Ocean Beach and Golden Gate Park, many families are settled here for more of an easy-going environment.

“There’s nowhere else in SF where I would want to live more, everything I do is here,” says 22-year-old and SF state alumni, Madison Lindekans. Being a part-time nanny and new assistant manager at the Mollusk Surf Shop located 4500 Irving St., Lindekans finds herself at peace in the Sunset.

The Mollusk Surf Shop is an ideal place to go for the first time wave rider. Friendly staff, great selection and convenient location by the beach all play factors in the setting of the Sunset District. Surfy-mellow mood, small family businesses and great food is why Sunset is a place of its own.

San Francisco Sunset has changed since 23-year-old Michael Moody, originally from Colorado, had a calling to move and change his lifestyle. One enrolled to be a registered nurse, Moody decided that his path would no longer continue in Colorado and decided to move on to a new way of life. Moody has found his happiness in this area currently living off the land.

The Francis Scott Key Annex is one of the largest in this district. Built in the 1920s, this building was originally used as a school and now is home to Playland park located on 43rd Avenue. On May 7th 2016 the sunset community built a park where children can run around, skateboard and be surrounded by art that volunteers created during the construction of the park.

“The ocean, sunsets and skating are the reasons why I enjoy living here,” said Moody.  The Sunset district is home to many diverse families who care about their community.

Walking around Sunset you will see many beachy homes and lots of road construction. Although the beach can a beautiful site, it can also cause damage to the housing, buildings and structure in the area. Wind, mist and salt water had slowly started to show in the area. Light poles, homes and roads are in need of new construction.

Loren Peterson, a 15-year resident of this district said, “there needs to be new roads and more stop signs in the area.” The longevity of growth through the years it still does not compare to the current status of the construction going on in this district. There have been recent modifications at the San Francisco Zoo, which is also located in the Sunset District.

Sunset City sets itself apart from the stereotypical city atmosphere. Less traffic, fresh ocean air and small family owned businesses are some of the key traits this district holds. From community, construction and vibe the Sunset is its own entity in the San Francisco area.